Are you suffering from an environmental illness, or are you worried about the health of your family? We don’t need to suffer from chronic illness and premature death…most cases are preventable.

I’d love to share some recommended reading for non-toxic living so you can better educate yourself.

Check out these books this summer:

  1. Slow Death by Rubber Duck: The Secret Danger of Everyday Things by Rick Smith and Bruce Laurie. The authors use a variety of methods to test individual body burdens of toxic chemicals. They describe, for instance, how the innocuous rubber duck is infused with poisonous phthalates as well as common toxins in everything from Teflon to non-flammable pajamas. The book reminds us that what we do to Earth we do to ourselves. 
  2. Dodging the Toxic Bullet: How to Protect Yourself From Everyday Health Hazards by David R. Boyd. This book identifies chemicals and toxins found in our air, food, water, and the products we use. It explains how we can limit our exposure and protect our health. The author also compares environmental safety protections in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe and identifies areas that need improvement. 
  3. Green Goes with Everything: Simple Steps To A Healthier Life and Cleaner Planet by Sloan Barnett. An informative book by a mother and television consumer advocate on how to avoid toxic substances we use on a regular basis in our homes. It focuses on items that are harmful to children and how to avoid or substitute them. The book examines a wide range of products and reviews each one of their pros and cons. 
  4. Toxic Free: How to Protect Your Health and Home from the Chemicals that are Making You Sick by Debra Lynn Dadd.  An informative, easy-to-read book that covers toxic substances contained in our everyday products, what they do to our health, and how you can cut back or even eliminate your exposure to toxic substances in your own home. The author’s website is also a great resource, listing manufacturers of toxin-free products of all kinds. 
  5. Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World: 101 Smart Solutions for Every Family by Philip J. Landrigan, Herbert Needleman, and Mary Landrigan. This book is filled with information and easy-to-follow checklists to help identify toxins in our homes, workplaces, and areas that children frequent. Each chapter includes questions that help readers zero in on the areas of importance to them. The book also gives practical recommendations on how readers can protect their families by reducing their exposure to toxins. 
  6. Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself by Alajandro Jungar. In this New York Times bestseller, Junger, a cardiologist, explains to readers how toxins accumulate in our bodies, disrupt our systems, and result in physical ailments. He believes that our world is filled with toxins, and every day, we take in more of them. The book provides a one-month detoxification and nutrition program to clean up our bodies and restore our vitality and health.

We spend 90% of our time indoors, so making your home as non-toxic as possible represents a huge opportunity to take control of the health of your family.

I’d also love for you to get a copy of my book, Poisoned, and join the fight against toxins if you haven’t read it.

What would you suggest as recommended reading for non-toxic living?

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