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Alan Bell provides life-saving information to help protect you and your family from environmental dangers hidden in your everyday life. 

He exposes toxic chemicals lurking  in your home, workplace, and neighborhood. And, empowers you to modify your lifestyle, minimize your risk, and protect yourself and your family. Alan explains why we can’t rely upon our government to protect us, and why our doctors have been unable to fix us. You will be empowered to prevent chronic illness and premature death by taking back your health.

Whether you’re looking for a conference keynote, informed panelist, or workshop leader, Alan’s expertise, engaging style, and proactive approach will teach and inspire. As a victim, survivor, health advocate and legal avenger, Alan Bell is the only person in America with a 360 degree view of our global environmental health crisis.


Below are Alan’s most popular speaking topics. Custom content for your audience can be created upon request.



Appropriate for Lifestyle/Health, Concerned Parents, and College Conferences and Events

People often feel overwhelmed because they can’t avoid common environmental dangers found in their everyday lives. They choose to look the other way and risk their chances. When Alan became ill from exposure to environmental toxins, he chose to fight back. He pursued dozens of medical treatments in a race against time to stay alive and raise his young daughter. Ironically, his daughter saved him – introducing him to a doctor that prescribed a life-saving medication. He discovered that his plight was just the tip of the iceberg of millions of people falling ill and dying each year from toxic chemical exposures.

In this talk, Alan shares simple lifestyle modifications to keep you and your family safe and healthy. He exposes where the most toxic chemicals are found,  how to avoid them. and how to take back your health.




Appropriate for more in-depth audiences to include conferences related to green building. 

Alan is a fierce advocate for those too sick or weak to fight for themselves. People living in toxic environments are often too poor to leave, and unaware of how to protect themselves.

After escaping life in a sterile bubble located in the remote Arizona desert for almost a decade, Alan was determined to live a healthy life. He built one of the most non-toxic homes in America, using state-of-the-art building materials, air filtration, and energy efficient solutions.

In this presentation, Alan outlines the best and most cost effective ways to create a non-toxic home, for any budget. He also exposes everyday chemicals to avoid and where they are hiding, making your home and workplace a safer environment.

about alan bell

Victim, survivor, advocate and avenger. Former organized crime prosecutor, Alan Bell, almost died from an environmentally linked illness. He now devotes his life to raising awareness about environmental injury through public speaking and his book, POISONED, now available. Alan is a fierce advocate for those too weak or sick to fight for themselves.

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