Concern about global warming affecting future generations is important. Likewise, saving the whales, birds, and trees in distant places is critical.  

However, saving us humans takes the environmental movement to its most basic, fundamental concern: how it affects you and me, here and now.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you work, or how you live. No one is immune.

As I wrote earlier, we can’t depend on the government to regulate toxins, and additionally, some corporate entities are truly evil, knowingly exposing victims for profit.

Other companies choose to look the other way, rather than face the harmful consequences caused by their negligent actions. In either scenario, wrongdoers should be held accountable for their actions, because it’s the only way to help protect victims and curtail this irresponsible behavior.

Injustice is widespread, manifesting in people, governmental organizations, and corporations that are seemingly bland and harmless—just as Ted Bundy hid his evil beneath a thin veneer of “normal.”

It can seem hopeless to make strides environmentally when corporate America is pushing toxic products on consumers, but it is possible to make an impact and some organizations are making great strides.

The green movement has taken off.
Billions of dollars are being invested into green business which is booming. Many fortune 500 corps are producing green non-toxic products – like Toyota, 3M, Honda, Cisco, Panasonic, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Ford, and Whole foods.

As a consumer, you can support the production and consumption of non-toxic products creating a win-win situation for us: healthier consumers, a healthier workforce, healthier businesses, a healthier economy, and a healthier America.

Consumer demand for green products drives supply.
One of the steps you can take to protect yourself and your family is to purchase products that are non-toxic. Buy eco-friendly products for your home, and expose yourself to things that are safe.

Producing and consuming non-toxic products creates a win-win situation for us all. Because it results in you and your loved ones using safe, non-toxic products. Your health is in your hands. Not your doctors, not your government, and not corporate America.

We would all be wise to support these companies and be a part of the green movement.

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